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yobo娱乐官方_德国老将欣喜终进大满贯第二周 期待与科娃大战

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Beijing time on October 6, news, the French Open continues to compete in the women's singles 1/8 finals. German veteran Sigmund defeated former French Open youth champion Bardoza 7-5 6-2, continuing to refresh his career. The best record in the slam, she shared the joy of breakthrough after the game.

北京时间10月6日消息,法网继续参加女子单打1/8决赛。德国老将西格蒙德(Sigmund)7-5 6-2击败了前法国公开赛青年冠军巴尔多萨(Bardoza),继续刷新他的职业生涯。在大满贯赛事中,她获得了最佳战绩,分享了赛后突破的喜悦。

   "It is very exciting to be at this stage. It has always been my dream to reach the second week of a Grand Slam," the German said after the game.


   "I also talked to my boyfriend at the US Open. One of my important goals is to enter the second week of the Grand Slam in singles. I dream of being able to come to this position, and I am glad that it has become a reality now.


"I had a lot of ups and downs in the first set. I didn't perform my best and was unstable. She played very well at the beginning and served very well. Her return brought a strong spin. I need time to adapt. It took a long time to find the feel," Sigmund said.


   "When things did not develop according to my wishes, I was not angry, although for good reasons. I got a lot of opportunities, I also made many mistakes in my own score, and the execution was not good enough."


This is the first time that Sigmund has won four straight matches since winning the Stuttgart station in 2017. At that time, she defeated three consecutive top ten places in the world in this local top competition-world ninth Kuznetsova, world third Ka Pliskova and the world's fourth Halep won the highest-level championship so far in his career.

这是Sigmund自2017年赢得斯图加特站以来第一次连续四场比赛获胜。当时,她在当地排名第九的库兹涅佐娃,世界第三的Ka Pliskova和世界第四大哈勒普(Halep)赢得了他职业生涯中最高水平的冠军。

   After that, the German hadn't had a chance to show off his clay-court strength. It didn't take long for her to accidentally get injured at the Nuremberg station. The torn anterior cruciate ligament of her right knee caused Sigmund to leave the field for a while.


"The clay court is my favorite venue," she added, "I think this time is also more important to me. I want to take it step by step. I am really happy to be able to reach the quarterfinals, and I am still in my shape. Yes, I will try to achieve better results."


   "I am relaxed now, not because the seed is out. I like to play against some big players and try to beat them. After all this, I am just very happy now."


   "Of course, there are still many players like me in this tournament, which is unexpected. They have also entered a deep round and are striving to go further."


   Talking about Kvitova's opponent in the next round, Sigmund said:


"Petra is a very powerful opponent, there is no doubt about it. The next game will be different from all the games I have played here so far. I have also played against many players who are good at clay court, and there are more She’s very tactical. But she’s different. Her serve is very good and won’t give you a second chance in a stalemate.”


   "This will be a completely different game, I am looking forward to it."




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