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In an interview with The Athletic, AC Milan director Paulo Maldini talked about his feelings about serving in the team. He said: “Being a team director is much harder than being a player; Ibrahimovic is a master.”

在接受The Athletic采访时,AC米兰总监Paulo Maldini谈到了他在车队服役的感受。他说:“担任团队主管比成为一名球员要困难得多;易卜拉欣莫维奇是一位大师。”

"Teams have cycles. Fortunately, our cycle lasted for 25 years. During Berlusconi's chairmanship, we reached incredible heights."


"Every club has such a day. The same is true for Manchester United and Real Madrid. All these big clubs have built super teams and won everything, but they have also encountered difficulties at another stage in their history."


"In my role today, you have to think about 200 things. As a player, you only need to think about yourself, but when you are the captain, you are also responsible for other things outside of your own scope. The truth is, as a player , You need to train, entertain and go home. This is hard work, but it is gathered in a short period of time."


"In the past 15 years, the coach has changed a lot. There was a time when the coach would show up an hour before training and leave the player at the end of the training. But now, if he wants to train at 5 pm, he will Go to work at nine in the morning, prepare everything, and then go home from get off work at nine in the evening."


"The technical director needs to be responsible for two roles. I work in the office, and the transfer work is going on throughout the year. You will meet the agent and the people who work in the game. Then on the athletic side, you need to watch the training. The team stays in close contact, and then you have to go to the game."


"I have eight days of vacation this year. I was on the beach at the time, but our phone was our trading tool, and people could contact you at any time. I tried to say,'I will come back to deal with it.' But you There will be a feeling in his heart."


"Unfortunately, you can't reproduce the excitement that you get on the court. But it's part of the game, a basic factor, and I start to like it. What you want to do is to bring a team together to achieve the goal, which is Very exciting."


"We met our expectations. The team is very young, confident in some aspects, but insecure in others. The return of Ibrahimovic has improved our competitiveness."


"In football, some things change over time, but now some things are as real as they used to be. Competitiveness in training and its importance is one of them. This is the only way to improve the overall level of the game, and It will always be like this."


"Ibrahimovic is a master. He never wants to lose, or even loses. I do. My wife used to make fun of me because when I play table tennis with my children, I don't want to lose to them. Frankly No matter who you are with or what sports, you must be competitive. As a professional athlete, this is natural."


"It's time. Our family of players have always been chasing other people. It's time to have a player chased by others."


"I can assure you that chasing the ball is much harder than chasing people. You don't feel this when you play a full back like I did. But when you think about these things, you can feel it. "


"We need to be clear about one thing. People will definitely make mistakes, even their dads. What I want to do is make them benefit from my experience. This is very similar to what they are experiencing now, but people will Something went wrong. You just want to minimize this."


"I have experienced this when my son Christian entered our U19 team. I remember his first game when he was eight years old. All the cameras were there. I knew it was not good for the children. "


"I also know that my children have always felt very calm about the choices they made. They decided to become football players. This is not something imposed on them."


"I also remember that I was very calm when I made this decision. However, I also remember that when I heard some gossips from people, I did feel upset. People always talk about nepotism. These things are never Should be part of the development of young people."


"In my opinion, Daniel is very mature. I am lucky to have him with me for so long at Milan and San Siro. He is no stranger to this place, but he found the hard part, and that is what he has to do. sacrifice."


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