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The dream start failed to bring a happy result, Inter Milan lost to Sevilla and passed the Bertoni Cup. In the face of opponents who are good at offensive wing, Inter Milan used aggressive defense to fill in the loopholes in the system and once resisted the opponent's offensive. However, due to Conte's slow adjustments on the spot, the Nerazzurri missed the short "window period" for winning, and finally fell in the middle of the war of attrition. The experienced "King of the Europa League" won the game in his own way, and Lopetegui's gambling strategy achieved the desired effect.


Since the Serie A final game against Atalanta, Inter Milan has won six consecutive victories in all competitions, during which the score-to-loss ratio is as high as 16:1. Conte no longer rotates the starting lineup, trying to maintain the inertia of the hard-won victory.


Lopetegui also uses a stable starting lineup. The only change from the semifinals is that Luc De Jong replaced Ennesri. This is the first start of the Dutch center after the Europa League resumed work. Seville has a strong midfield control and can suppress opponents with continuous wing attacks. Lopetegui hopes to further highlight this advantage in the final. He chooses to bet on the injured Ocampos and the experienced Luc De Jong finally reaped the expected results.

Lopetegui还使用稳定的首发阵容。半决赛的唯一变化是Luc De Jong取代了Ennesri。这是欧罗巴联赛恢复工作后荷兰中心yobo娱乐平台的第一个起点。塞维利亚拥有强大的中场控制能力,可以通过连续的边路进攻压制对手。 Lopetegui希望在决赛中进一步强调这一优势。他选择押注受伤的奥坎波斯,而经验丰富的卢克·德容最终收获了预期的成绩。

Both sides entered the state soon after the opening, each scored a goal. The penalty created by Lukaku came from a quick counterattack after a corner kick. Barrera grabbed the ball in front of Banega. The Belgian’s physical advantage played a key role in the ball. Diego -Carlos sent penalties in three consecutive games. Luc De Jong's goal came from the wing. Sevilla launched the offensive before Inter Milan completed the defensive position and used partial cooperation to create a cross.

双方在开幕后不久就进入了状态,各自进球。卢卡库(Lukaku)判罚来自角球后的快速反击。 Barrera在Banega面前抓住球。比利时人的身体优势在控球中发挥了关键作用。迭戈-卡洛斯连续三场罚球。卢克·德容(Luc De Jong)的进球来自侧翼。塞维利亚在国际米兰完成防守位置之前发动了进攻,并通过部分合作创建了一个十字架。

The opponents used their best routines to create murderous opportunities, and the two teams quickly made adjustments. Sevilla will form a temporary three-back position when passing through the backcourt, and Haldane will enter the frontcourt ribs, which allows him to participate in the side lanes and enter the penalty area to grab points. Banega came to get the ball between the left back and the left center back, and directed the offensive from the side through the transfer dispatch. Inter Milan tried to make a high-position press and delayed Villa's advancement. After falling into the half, they still actively grab the ball holder, trying to cover up the disadvantage of insufficient number of wingers.


In the semifinals, Manchester United was passive because of their inability to restrict Banega's use of the ball, and Inter Milan did not do well in this regard. Lopetegui’s team has many midfielders who are good at forward passing. Players including Navas, Conde and Diego Carlos can share the pressure of Banega, to a certain extent. Increased the difficulty of Inter Milan's defense.

在半决赛中,曼联无能为力,因为他们无法限制巴内加对球的使用,而国际米兰在这方面做得不好。 Lopetegui的球队有许多擅长前传的中场球员。纳瓦斯,孔德和迭戈·卡洛斯等球员可以在一定程度上分担巴内加的压力。增加了国际米兰的防守难度。

During the switch from 433 to 343 in Sevilla, Ashley Young and Dan Brosio were suppressed in the back position, and it was difficult for Varela and Gallardini to come to the striker to assist the double forward. To oppress the opponent's "three central defenders", Banega can easily complete the transfer scheduling. Compared with Manchester United, which uses a four-back defense line, Inter Milan’s five-back system has a sufficient number of midfielders. The hidden danger is that the midfielder defense line is insufficient and cannot establish a number advantage in the area with the ball. The space on the side without the ball is also very large. Exhausted in the process of lateral displacement.


Varela and Gallardini need to balance both offense and defense. Ashley Young and Dan Brosio were deterred by their opponents' strong wing offensive. It is difficult for Inter Milan’s midfielder and wing players to support the double forwards. The ability of sports warfare to create opportunities is seriously insufficient. In the match against Shakhtar Donetsk, Inter Milan encountered some problems with their positional attack. They relied on the fast break and set-up attack formed after the frontcourt steals to achieve a big victory. In this campaign, Sevilla's performance in the backcourt was stable, Inter Milan did not get too many opportunities to attack forward, and the set-piece became one of the few breaking weapons that can be counted on.

瓦雷拉(Varela)和加拉迪尼(Gallardini)需要兼顾进攻和防守。阿什利·扬(Ashley Young)和丹·布罗西奥(Dan Brosio)被对手的强力边路进攻吓倒了。对于国际米兰的中场和边路球员来说,很难支持双前锋。体育战创造机会的能力严重不足。在与顿涅茨克矿工的比赛中,国际米兰的位置进攻遇到了一些问题。他们依靠前场抢断后形成的快速突破和快速进攻来取得重大胜利。在这场运动中,塞维利亚在后场的表现是稳定的,国际米兰没有获得太多进攻的机会,而这套装备成为了少数可以依靠的突破性武器之一。

In the process of the two teams reaching the finals, the 12th man on the bench played a key role. Sevilla’s most important back player is Franco Vazquez. This tall player has a role between striker and midfielder. He can use his physique and possession as a fulcrum to ensure Seville’s offensive. Continuity. The key man on the Inter Milan bench is Eriksson. The Danish's running and passing ability can be better played in the loose tactical environment of the second half.

在两支球队打入决赛的过程中,替补席上的第12位球员发挥了关键作用。塞维利亚最重要的后卫是弗朗哥·巴斯克斯(Franco Vazquez)。这个高个子球员在前锋和中场之间扮演一个角色。他可以利用自己的身体和财产作为支点,以确保塞维利亚的进攻。连续性。国际米兰替补席上的关键人物是埃里克森。在下半场宽松的战术环境中,可以更好地发挥丹麦人的奔跑和传球能力。

In the early part of the second half, Sevilla still insisted on pressing forward, but soon gave up because of Ocampos's injury. Sevilla's overall front contracted backwards, and Inter Milan got a chance to suppress the attack. At this stage, Inter Milan's double forwards have not enough physical energy to continue to pull the side to respond, the wing penetration launched by the wing center back has continued to make mistakes, and the offense finally returned to the center.


Sevilla lost the ability to continue to oppress, Conte did not seize the opportunity to consolidate the advantage through substitutions, instead Lopetegui passively used up the first substitution. The injured Ocampos was replaced by Munir, and the momentum of the game once again turned to Sevilla.


To complete the defensive task, but also to contribute to the promotion of the organization, Barrera and Gallardini's consumption is very high, the latter's defense zone eventually became Seville's breakthrough. After Diego Carlos scored, Lopetegui took the lead in completing the substitution. By the time Eriksson played, Sevilla had switched to anti-reaction mode, and the offensive space needed by the Danes no longer exist.

为了完成防御任务,也为组织的发展做出贡献,巴雷拉和加拉迪尼的消耗很高,后者的防守区最终成为塞维利亚yobo娱乐平台的突破口。在迭戈·卡洛斯(Diego Carlos)得分之后,洛佩特吉(Loptegui)率先完成换人。到埃里克森出战时,塞维利亚已改用反动模式,但丹麦人所需的进攻空间已不复存在。

Since the resumption of work in Serie A, Inter Milan's overall performance has been satisfactory. They still did not give up despite losing hope for the championship, and finally won the league runner-up. After moving to the European League, they defeated Getafe, Leverkusen and Shakhtar Donetsk consecutively. Conte's control of the team and the change of clothes The cohesion inside the room is commendable.


The Europa League final was originally the best time for the Nerazzurri to seek a breakthrough in their competitive scores. Unfortunately, they encountered a more technically capable and experienced opponent. The game method that relied on running to cover the loopholes in the system was cracked. The problems of lack of creativity and Conte's inadequate adjustments on the spot have been magnified infinitely.


After successively introducing Eriksson and Ashraf, Inter Milan is already trying to break through the bottleneck of the system, and the team's further reinforcement in the summer window is worth looking forward to. The progress made by the Nerazzurri this season is gratifying. Whether the next step is to base on a single-line breakthrough or seek a larger multi-line advancement, Suning's will will largely determine Conte's stay.


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