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Recently, with NBA star Durant, Italian international Rugani, Chinese player Dolly, and 3 members of the Chinese Epee team diagnosed with the new crown virus, the cumulative number of confirmed sports players worldwide has exceeded 50. This morning, CCTV reprinted the "Daily Sports Daily" news about Wu Lei's diagnosis, but it has not yet been confirmed by the player himself.


In the eyes of outsiders, athletes themselves are muscular, have better physical fitness, and belong to a group with stronger immunity. How come they have no resistance to the new coronavirus? When they are infected, what impact will the virus have on their careers and life and health?


To this end, we invited three medical experts, Professor Sun Jian from the Department of Infectious Medicine, Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, Wang Jian, Deputy Director of Joint Surgery, Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, and Yan Cheng, former doctor of the National Football Team. The three experts will provide us with a variety of perspectives. Answer the above questions.


Northwest Watch Stand: Are the diagnostic criteria for the new coronavirus at home and abroad consistent?


Sun Jian: Yes.

sun J Ian: yes.

Northwest Lookout: Why are athletes also infected with the new crown virus?


Sun Jian: The new crown virus is very contagious, and it is a brand new virus that no one has immunity to. Compared with ordinary people, athletes are more muscular, but this does not mean that the immunity is stronger than ordinary people.


Wang Jian: The human body has almost no immune recognition to the new coronavirus, so whether it is an athlete or the general population, we are the same. If our body does not recognize it, there will be no epidemic prevention capabilities. It's as if the security found that he was a bad person and would not let him in, but if he had never seen this person, he would just ignore him and would let him in if he could not be seen from his appearance.


Northwest Watch Stand: At present, some athletes, such as Serie A's Rugani, La Liga's Mangala, and NBA's Gobert are all asymptomatic after being diagnosed. What is going on?


Sun Jian: According to my analysis, these patients who were diagnosed with asymptomatic or mild illnesses were found early, and secondly, they had no underlying diseases. The athletes were healthy people, so when they were diagnosed, they were mild and healed on their own. The possibility is even higher.


Wang Jian: The immune system has a process of recognition and reaction. If it recognizes it very quickly and early, it may recognize it before the virus multiplies and produce antibodies. The symptoms may be mild, and most athletes will not have severe symptoms. But if he recognizes and reacts again when he is severely ill, his immune response will be very strong.


To put it simply, during a war, if the opponent comes with ten people, the horror of the fight will be less severe, but if the opponent has 10,000 people, I also have to give 10,000 people. After the fight, a total of 20,000 people have been lost. , This degree is more serious.

简而言之,在战争中,如果对手有十个人,那么战斗的恐惧就不会那么严重,但是如果对手有10,000人,我也必须付出10,000人。战斗结束后,共有20,000人丧生。 ,这个程度比较严重。

Northwest Watch Stand: Is there any way to make the athlete's immune system recognize it earlier and faster to avoid becoming severely ill?


Wang Jian: This virus is a brand-new virus, and no one can say it now. I can't answer this temporarily.


Northwest Lookout: At present, according to the clinical diagnosis of the new coronavirus, there are four types: mild, normal, severe, and critical. What are the criteria for judgment?


Sun Jian: For mild cases, the main clinical manifestations are low-grade fever, cough, and inflammation in the lungs. Whether there is inflammation in the lungs can be known by CT. Critically ill patients, mainly depends on their oxygen saturation, if it is less than 93%, it is severe.


It usually manifests as dyspnea, the breathing frequency is faster than normal people, not enough air, shortness of breath, and the number of times increases. Normal people breathe 16 to 20 times a minute, and severe patients reach about 30 times.


Wang Jian: Some people have no symptoms, but they also have problems with their lungs. The scan of your lungs shows inflammation. Some people test positive for nucleic acid, but there is no problem with the lung scan. At present, the performance of this virus is too complicated, and our understanding of it is not comprehensive because of its diverse manifestations and poor regularity.


Northwest Watch Stand: If it is asymptomatic and there is no inflammation in the lungs, does it mean there is no major problem?


Sun Jian: At present, some patients are asymptomatic, but this does not mean that they are all right. Unless it is a CT examination to confirm that there is no inflammation at all in the lungs, it is not accurate based on subjective judgment and external symptoms. And this cannot tell whether there is inflammation. A confirmed patient only has a positive nucleic acid, but it does not mean that every confirmed person has had a CT scan.


Wang Jian: It just means that our immune response is weaker. This is also unclear. Some people will become severely ill, and some people will remain asymptomatic, and may be cured in the end. This is possible. Now we are in a situation where there is not enough information to explain its law. It may be similar to the previous SARS. In the end, because the number of patients is gradually decreasing, there may not be a final conclusion.


Northwest Watch Stand: For athletes diagnosed with the new crown virus, how can they recover? How long is the recovery period?


Sun Jian: Asymptomatic and mild patients can generally recover on their own, without treatment, they can also take some antiviral drugs during the period, such as Ribavirin and Arbidol, which are often recommended. But whether these drugs have any effect on the new coronavirus, and how much effect they have, is still unknown. For patients who recover through self-healing, the average recovery period is about two weeks.


Wang Jian: Relying on self-healing, self-immunity is a part of it. In my own body, I think all organ systems of the body are involved in the process of adapting to the virus. For some internal organs, whether the virus will cause some damage to them after the virus infection requires the self-balance and regulation of each organ. At the same time, for different stages of the disease, we should intervene and treat as soon as possible, which is the best for the patient's recovery.


Northwest Watch Stand: After the diagnosis, will athletes' own immunity be more resistant to the new crown virus than ordinary people?


Wang Jian: First of all, not all athletes can achieve early immune recognition. At a stage where the virus is relatively small, if the immune system can recognize it earlier, it can be eliminated earlier. If you miss this period, once the virus load is very large and the athlete's immune system is very strong, this time is even worse, and the athlete's reaction will be very strong.


Many patients have severe illness, which is what we often call "inflammatory storm". "Inflammation storm" means that there are too many inflammatory cells, too many reaction sites in a person, and the entire lung is responding severely. The outcome of the athlete will be even worse.

许多患者患有严重的疾病,这就是我们通常所说的“炎性风暴”。 “炎症风暴”表示一个人中炎性细胞过多,反应部位过多,整个肺部反应异常严重。运动员的结果会更糟。

This is why we see a fitness expert who has good physical fitness and will also die of severe illness. It stands to reason that his immune system is also very good, but in the end this has become a bad factor for him.


Yan Cheng: Although athletes are physically strong, athletes in different periods have different immunity. He also has times of weakness.


For example, after the game is over, the player's immune protein consumption is the most powerful. After coming down, his body is extremely susceptible to infection, which is worse than ordinary people's immunity. If you go out to play around at this time, go to a nightclub to a bar, and you happen to encounter another carrier, the player will be infected immediately.


Northwest Watch Stand: After the diagnosis, the athletes will have sequelae after their physical recovery, and will they affect their future careers?


Sun Jian: The new crown virus does not cause damage to patients with mild or asymptomatic diseases. It does little damage to the lungs, liver, and kidneys, and it does not leave sequelae, just like a cold.


But for severely ill people, there will be inflammation and fibrosis in the lungs. Simple understanding is like the scar left after the hand is cut by a knife, and the lungs are the same. Fibrosis is scarring in the lungs, and then some scar tissue is formed. In turn, the lung function is worse than normal, and it may cause liver and kidney problems.


For people with underlying diseases, it will accelerate the deterioration of the disease, and severe cases will lead to death.


Yan Cheng: In the past, I had SARS and my lungs became like cotton beards. Players would pant very hard when they moved a little. After that, I couldn't walk, let alone running, and I arrived as soon as I got on the court. In severe cases, the decline in exercise capacity is certain. As for the decline, it depends on the degree of pulmonary fibrosis and consolidation.


Northwest looking at the stands: After Chelsea player Odoi was diagnosed, he still insisted on cycling at home in isolation. Is such exercise behavior advisable during the illness?


Sun Jian: After the diagnosis, the patient can take a certain amount of exercise, but strenuous exercise is not recommended. You must take proper rest.


Wang Jian: This virus not only infects the lungs, it can infect all organs of the internal organs. In previous cases, we can see that many people have multiple organ damage. Such multiple organ damage will inevitably affect other functions. At this time, strenuous exercise will cause body overload.


In fact, it is almost the same as the flu. Why do you need to drink more water, sleep more, and rest more during the flu? The pathological principles of the new coronary pneumonia and the flu are similar. Therefore, athletes who are ill also need to rest, drink more water, and do more. Support treatment instead of doing this kind of overload exercise.


Northwest Watch Stand: Nowadays, many athletes are also infected. This is also a wake-up call to ordinary people. The prevention of the new crown virus cannot be taken lightly. For the public, what should be done to better prevent infection?


Sun Jian: Because this virus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract, only by blocking the respiratory tract can it be effectively prevented. Wear a mask, especially in a confined place, when people are in close contact (within one meter), you must wear a mask. You must wear it in crowded places such as stadiums and supermarkets, and keep your distance from people at all times.


Of course, if you are at home or in an empty field, you don’t need to wear it for walking or running.


Northwest Observatory: On March 12, Academician Zhong Nanshan said that if countries around the world pay attention, the epidemic is expected to end in June. At this time, people who have been at home for a long time and have not been outdoors for sports, such as playing football and playing, are recovering. What should we pay attention to during these exercises?


Wang Jian: First of all, don't have gathering activities, don't carry out group activities. You have to exercise yourself. You don't need to wear a mask in an open place. This is no problem.


But if you go to a place with a lot of people, you must wear a mask. The second is from the perspective of exercise. You may have been at home for too long, your muscles may atrophy, and your overall exercise capacity will decline. At the beginning of exercise, you should pay attention to the control of the amount of exercise, from less to more, gradually Adapt to avoid sports injuries.


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